Delivering better careers information through a digital platform

To support its goal of providing leadership in the delivery of high quality, evidence based career development, the Institute will design and develop a national careers-focused digital platform, to streamline and strengthen the way careers information is delivered in Australia.

The digital platform will aim to deliver better careers information to people searching, delivering and providing advice about careers - at all ages, and stages, of life.

Co-designing the digital platform

The Institute is co-designing the digital platform by consulting with people of all ages and all stages in their career journey; those who influence careers; employers who provide careers; and those who formally advise on careers.

The Institute has commenced these consultations through focus groups and in-depth, one-on-one interviews, and through the Career Journey Survey, below.

To date, over 5000 people have completed the Career Journey Survey. Some early findings include:


26 May, 2020

Jacqui says:

“Real time link to current labour market information. The ability to especially identifying which organisations are recruiting school leavers”

28 April, 2020

anyoung says:

“Correlate career interests / occupations with businesses / organisations that need or support similar roles. ”

20 April, 2020

WillDenny says:

“A comprehensive suite of resources to help schools embed career education in all existing school subject curricula (Australian Curriculum)”

17 April, 2020

Shonnyc4 says:

“Reinforcing my own strengths & improving my weaknesses in a job well suited to my ability whilst also challenging ”

28 March, 2020

Joanne says:

“An online career guidance service staffed by qualified and online trained prof. career practitioners. 'Soften' hard career information.”

28 March, 2020

Bea says:

“specific and relevant industry job tasks are required in training courses”

12 March, 2020

ForestLearning says:

“VR tours of jobs - virtual tours to experience working first hand without having to gain permission and access to various job sites”

23 February, 2020

JoshV says:

“Consolidation of All Important Facts, Informations, Details that are currently Scattered and Distributed on a Single/Unified Platform.”

11 February, 2020

Joanne Barnett says:

“How will it address the needs of an ageing population lacking digital literacy? what % were these people in the decision to go digital? ”

9 February, 2020

noeledge says:

“An on-going project to publish job descriptions, updated by professionals, for example, see the 500 UK AGCAS job descriptions.”

5 February, 2020

DB says:

“Where the jobs are by state and region, including industry sector minimum entry/employment requirements”

31 January, 2020

rpeachey says:

“Job Application builder tools and AI reviews e.g VMock, Abintegro etc”

The Career Journey Survey

Starting, changing or advancing your career can be both exciting and daunting.

To find out how the Institute can deliver the best possible information to help people plan or manage their careers, or help career guiders help others to achieve their career goals, the Institute has designed the Career Journey Survey.

This survey will help the Institute understand what type of careers information individuals need and want, what influences their decision making and how and why they might want that information presented and delivered to them.

The survey should take under 8 minutes to complete.

I am Required
I am interested in careers information because I am Required

Choose all that apply.

I fit into the following age group Required
Do you speak a language other than English at home?
Have you experienced any challenges that have prevented you from finding the right careers information for you? Required

These can be personal (such as finances, health or time), resources (such as internet or no career practitioners), culture, language, literacy and numeracy or other.

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I have Required
If applicable, other educational qualifications I have achieved are:
To what extent are you motivated by the following statements when it comes to improving your career journey Required
Very motivated
Somewhat motivated
This doesn't motivate me
Learning about education options
Improving my chances at getting a job
Helping me stay up-to-date in my current job (e.g. by learning about new techniques or technologies)
Helping me progress to higher levels and/or salary in my current job
Learning about different employment options/pathways
Educating myself about occupations (such as day to day tasks)
Helping me move to another location
Support to return to work
Support to transition towards retirement
Helping another person
Learning about which job might suit me (skills/ interests) and the different options
My job requires knowledge of careers information
Other (please specify)
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Rank your preference by dragging and dropping.

  1. Online #
  2. Face-to-face #
  3. Phone #
  4. Other (please specify) #
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Rank your preference by dragging and dropping.

  1. Family #
  2. Friends #
  3. Colleagues #
  4. Career Advisor #
  5. Workplace advisor (such as HR, supervisor) #
  6. Recruitment agencies #
  7. Employment service provider (through community employment agency/ job program) #
  8. Career websites #
  9. Online job advertisement or training / qualification information #
  10. Social media #
  11. Career/job expos #
  12. Educational institutions #
  13. Other (please specify) #
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The emotion that best describes how I feel when [______] is Required
Stressed / Anxious
thinking about career options
starting to research career options
researching career options
comparing information from different sources
trying to choose a course of action
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The types of careers information that I have searched for are Required

Choose all that apply. This may have been for yourself or for someone you were assisting.

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Rank your preference by dragging and dropping.

  1. A personalised roadmap/journey of information I should consider for my age and stage of life #
  2. What career pathways might suit me at my age and stage of life (e.g. a quiz about interests, skills, like and dislikes) #
  3. A tool that matches my skills to particular career pathways (e.g. a skills quiz) #
  4. Types of career pathways available #
  5. Specifics about particular jobs (e.g. working conditions, location, salary ranges, skills required) #
  6. The required qualifications needed for a job #
  7. Career advancement options #
  8. A day in the life - showcasing the realities of a job (e.g. a job description, case study, video) #
  9. Job prospects (e.g. potential earning capacity, promotion, advancement opportunities) #
  10. Future careers - what skills will I need to be competitive in the future of work #
  11. What do employers want (e.g. general skills/soft skills) #
  12. Qualification levels (e.g. types of certificates, degrees, diplomas) #
  13. More detailed qualification information (e.g. length, cost, study, providers) #
  14. Information about career support services available (e.g. networks, transitional support, study assist, subsidies) #
  15. Information direct from a careers adviser or professional careers coach #
  16. Advice on how to apply for a job (e.g. build a resume) #
  17. My personal experiences outweigh any information available #
  18. Other (please specify) #
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