The Institute wants to hear your views on the current state of the careers development system, what it should strive to achieve, the role of the Institute, and who the Institute should serve.

The National Careers Institute (the Institute) has been established to simplify and strengthen careers development and information for Australians. This is needed to:

  1. Make it easier to access useful, high quality information and support services
  2. Ensure information is based on reliable data that is available to help Australians make effective decisions at multiple careers stages and ‘transition’ points and
  3. Enhance the impact of existing policies, programs and services.

Making it easier to access, interpret, trust and navigate career information, advice and guidance will help more Australians:

  1. Adapt and keep up with the changing career landscape
  2. Realise and share in the opportunities that change is bringing regardless of an individual’s socio-economic, life or education status
  3. Choose the education or employment pathway that best meets their own career goals and labour market need.

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In your view, what should the careers development system aim to achieve?

The careers development system helps you manage learning, work, leisure, and transitions throughout life to meet your personal aspirations and goals. In Australia, a wide range of career development products and services are delivered by government, private and not-for-profit organisations to support individuals in managing their careers. More information on the careers development system can be viewed in the Background Paper.

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14 November, 2019

Trish says:

“To identify strengths and career opportunities relevant to the location and situation of the individual.”

13 November, 2019

carolinewilson1 says:

“Nationwide approach to Career Advice in schools. Secondary schools throughout Australia have a varying staffing load.”

12 November, 2019

Sue says:

“Ensure career advice and support is not only focused on one sector of the community but must fully encompass all sectors of the community. ”

11 November, 2019

Barbbear says:

“Revamp Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) program in schools with 1:1 student interviews with non teaching qualified career practitioners.”

11 November, 2019

Grozdana says:

“The career development system should aim to enable and empower individuals to make career decisions. ”

10 November, 2019

Ann says:

“Provide accurate, current information and tools that support all Australians to make work-related decisions throughout life.”

26 October, 2019

Sue says:

“Look at current curriculum and how we can integrate career advice and guidance in Year 10 on wards as the career guidance is generally poor”

25 October, 2019

Wayne says:

“Get more people seeing a careers adviser and understanding what’s out there to get help making decisions”

25 October, 2019

ganavarapu says:

“Provide support to practice of continuous improvement, learning and development”

25 October, 2019

Poppy says:

“Help people connect with advice”

24 October, 2019

Uma says:

“Ensure minority students and students who have recently moved to Australia clearly understand their pathways and options.”

24 October, 2019

Uma says:

“Equip young people with practical career management skills such as interview and resume/cover letter writing.”

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