The Institute wants to hear your views on the current state of the careers development system, what it should strive to achieve, the role of the Institute, and who the Institute should serve.

The National Careers Institute (the Institute) has been established to simplify and strengthen careers development and information for Australians. This is needed to:

  1. Make it easier to access useful, high quality information and support services
  2. Ensure information is based on reliable data that is available to help Australians make effective decisions at multiple careers stages and ‘transition’ points and
  3. Enhance the impact of existing policies, programs and services.

Making it easier to access, interpret, trust and navigate career information, advice and guidance will help more Australians:

  1. Adapt and keep up with the changing career landscape
  2. Realise and share in the opportunities that change is bringing regardless of an individual’s socio-economic, life or education status
  3. Choose the education or employment pathway that best meets their own career goals and labour market need.

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In your view, what should the careers development system aim to achieve?

The careers development system helps you manage learning, work, leisure, and transitions throughout life to meet your personal aspirations and goals. In Australia, a wide range of career development products and services are delivered by government, private and not-for-profit organisations to support individuals in managing their careers. More information on the careers development system can be viewed in the Background Paper.

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13 February, 2020

shweta says:

“I think with the changing landscape of learning ASQA standards, rules of assessment needs review to accommodate online facilitation”

7 February, 2020

CarolynAlchin says:

“This should enable, empower & inform career development & education providers to work together supporting individuals in their work journeys”

6 February, 2020

Karen.Lomas says:

“I am keen to be part of an inclusive and supportive professional association. This is not what I currently find in this sector. ”

6 February, 2020

Malka Lawrence says:

“Information is provided what we need are taster programs and actual workplacement programs, these will assist in informed decision making”

29 January, 2020

PhilipH says:

“Up to date, concise career information is essential, but must include funded career advice, from qualified practitioners, free to all.”

28 January, 2020

Charles says:

“There needs to be every effort made to bridge the opportunity & information accessibility gap existing between city and rural students. ”

21 January, 2020

Kerrynvd says:

“Quality Career Programs in schools and regions which can link participants with local industry and training opportunities ”

11 January, 2020

Bev says:

“ALL schools need expert, dedicated career staff and supporting infrastructure to support students to find their best path forward. ”

16 December, 2019

Anne says:

“Well resourced Career Programs in schools with meaningful Industry links are essential to provide effective career advice to young people.”

1 December, 2019

deb says:

“Support career counsellors in schools with opportunities to upgrade their skills and qualifications through workshops and training.”

27 November, 2019

hodgson says:

“A system driven by the Careers Institute that singly and wholly provides advice and materials for each available pathway too a JOB.”

22 November, 2019


“Australians need publicly available career development opportunities and information for all ages and stages of the career journey.”

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