A message from Scott Cam, National Careers Ambassador

I'm Scott Cam the National Careers Ambassador and I want to talk to you about some of my recent career conversations.

A number of you shared with me on this page where you go for careers advice. There were a range of answers, including “online”, “family and friends” and “careers advisers”. From the Career Journey survey on this site, the National Careers Institute found that 70 per cent of you go online to find careers information. Interestingly, around 29 per cent of you said your most helpful careers information comes from family or friends.

I recently met with students, teachers and Australian VET Alumni at TAFE NSW Ryde to talk about career pathways.

I met with Morgan Clementson who has had several career transitions - in hospitality, information technology and retail to name a few. One day, she decided she wanted to be her own boss and went back to what she was happiest doing when she was younger, baking.

Morgan completed a Certificate III in Retail Baking (Bread) and a Certificate III in Retail Baking (Cake and Pastry) through TAFE NSW and since then she’s travelled across Europe, touring bakeries after receiving the 2014 Australian Overseas Foundation scholarship.

Morgan is now working in her dream job as an International Technical Advisor and Demonstrator for innovative baking company, Puratos.

I also had a chat with Mary George, who has such a love of baking she started her own cupcake business at the age of 13. Mary trained at Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Sydney and graduated with a Diploma de Patisserie (Certificate III in Patisserie). Her determination and tenacity has led her to working with some of the best pastry chefs in the industry.

Mary was offered the opportunity to become an Australian Apprenticeship Ambassador after winning the Gold Medal at the WorldSkills Australia National Competition. Later, Mary qualified for the Skillaroo squad to compete at the 2017 WorldSkills International Competition held in Abu Dhabi.

As part of her WorldSkills training, Mary spent some time in France participating in an intensive training program at the world’s best patisserie kitchen, Chateau de vault de Lugny in Burgundy.

For me, it was an Australian Apprenticeship in carpentry.

My apprenticeship gave me a solid foundation for a career path that I could never have imagined.

As the National Careers Ambassador, I am proud to work with the Institute to make sure you can access the many career pathways on offer - like vocational education and training, or VET.

VET is really well positioned to keep pace with the future of work because its courses are driven by what employers need, making career prospects great.

Clearly, where I started, is not where I’ve ended up. I’d like to know your story or alternatively you can hear more stories like Morgan and Mary's by visiting the Australian VET Alumni website.